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Service Items

Saintway Industry adheres to the business philosophy of integrity, quality, innovation, sustainability and giving back.

Serve customers wholeheartedly, and continue the spirit of quality and diligent service in the past. Continuously innovate and improve production capacity with new automation equipment, and keep pace with the times to improve the quality of enterprise personnel, Create internationally competitive products and extend corporate influence to deliver happiness to the society.

Personal and Industrial Computer Cases

Entrusted design and production of various stamping parts

Aluminum extrusion and heat sink forming manufacturing

LCD backlight module and mobile phone parts

Close integration of stamping and downstream processing plants

Provide relevant processing assembly solutions

Design and manufacture of molds, fixtures, clamps and inspection tools

More than 40 years of experience, familiar with OEM commissioning

Design foundry service with ODM

Integrate stamping, laser, folding bed, NCT

A full range of process capabilities to meet customer needs


Service Process


Product design and development

Saintway assists the customer's design department from conception, detail design, to production. In the process of product design and development, there will be many partners and manufacturers, and the management at each stage is professional; Saintway has a rigorous project management system, integrates resources from all parties, and controls the quality, cost and schedule of development projects. We save unnecessary expenses for customers, and make sure our customers are not fighting alone.

Saintway's product development strategy is to improve the efficiency of product development through rapid production of product prototypes, with a lean and innovative development process, to eliminate unnecessary heavy work and cost waste in the development process, to shorten the time-to-market for product development, and to effectively collaborate with customers to improve product design and quality of manufacture.


 One processing

The molds designed for stamping are generally specialized, and sometimes a complex part requires several sets of molds to be processed and formed. The design and manufacture of such molds have high precision and high technical requirements. Therefore, stamping mold processing is suitable for large-scale production and is a technology-intensive product.

Saintway provides a series of services from mold development and design, mold opening process, and even stamping finished products and has experience in cooperation with listed public corporations.  Large and small molds can be designed and produced, and for mass-produced goods, we also provide fast, high-quality products and services .

Stamping is a processing method that uses stamping equipment and dies to deform or separate metals or non-metals under pressure to manufacture required parts. This processing method has the characteristics of thin, uniform, light and strong, and can produce workpieces with ribs, wavesa002C undulations or flanging.

NCT (CNC Turret Punch) punches 2D plates by computerized digital program control. Saintway's NCT process can meet the needs of small and diverse production and achieve high-efficiency results for the design of complex shapes and high-precision metal structures.

Saintway NCT laser processing is mainly used in the processing of various mechanical shells, including: personal and industrial computer shells, internal and external components of medical equipment, network communication equipment, UPS power supply cases, monitors, POS machines, auto parts and other metal sheet products.

Advantages of laser processing:

-It can be used for multi-variety and small batch sheet metal processing without opening the mold.

-The cutting precision is high, and the edge of the cut surface is delicate and beautiful.

-The laser cutting efficiency is high, and the delivery time can be shortened quickly.

-Digital data, repeatable and continuous processing, stable quality.

CNC computer digital control milling machine processes milling planes, grooves etc. by subtractive processing. Saintway has three professional and precise CNC processing factories, which can manufacture all kinds of mechanical parts, fixtures, and processing development. We assist customers to optimize product process, reduce different labor costs, transportation costs, consumption costs, etc., and produce the highest quality products.

The composite processing method can respond to the diversification of product detail design, and Saintway provides intimate process services from the perspective of the best economic benefits for customers. Stamping can be used in some projects and NCT production is sued in other projects, etc.  You have different options so that your products can create market competitiveness in the fastest, lowest cost and highest quality way.


Secondary processing

Saintway provides secondary processing services for complete sheet metal parts, which can process polyhedrons, curved surfaces, complex shapes and rotary turning. For example, spot welding, welding, grinding, and laser engraving can all be processed directly in Saintway’s factory.


Surface Treatment

Such as electroplating, painting, printing, labeling, etc. post-process processing.



Product Assembly

Mechanism assembly, system assembly also has a complete service production line.




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