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Sustainability and happiness under high quality.

For the new generation of operators in Taiwan in the 21st century, the story of small and medium-sized entrepreneurs who carried a 007 suitcase forty or fifty years ago to go abroad and create an economic miracle seems far away. The changes of the times have changed the society, economy, technology, culture, and thinking, but they have not changed the enthusiasm and inherited believes of the young successors of Saintway Industry.

Saintway Industrial, founded in 1978, started with the connector terminals of processers,  personal computers, and communication equipment sheet metal, expanding to the precision production of industrial computer peripherals, growing alongside with IT industry in Taiwan. In the professional field of sheet metal, with stable quality and technology, we have served customers for a long time and won a good reputation.

After the two brothers succeeded in taking over, they utilized the foundation and then drew up a career blueprint belonging to the new generation, making great strides towards the most representative Taiwanese brand in green, happy, sustainable and intelligent OEM in the institutional sector.

A new generation of intelligence that dares to break through.

Today, Saintway Industrial has accumulated past service experience and transformed into an operation model of one-stop development and production, and complete solutions for mechanical parts.  With international standards and overseas communication capabilities, corporate brand has been constantly innovated.  Work Smart thinking is used to help customers efficiently accomplish the task.

Saintway Industry breaks the established impression of traditional industries, continues to improve collaborative research and development with customers, and connects to IT information systems.  With the concept of friendly service, it can synchronize with customer processes through the MES intelligent manufacturing execution system.  Through ISO quality management, the introduction of data High-end production equipment and AI technology application, and passed the EU RoHS certification as a global supplier of green environmental protection products, in the field of sheet metal processing, stamping and secondary processing with a small amount of diverse flexible production, helping customers to sell all over the world.

Love the remote towns, warm people's hearts
People with high attainments in knowledge or skills is called "Saint.”

 In ancient Roman times, people decorated their houses with green leaves and lights every New Year's Day, and gave gifts to children and the poor.  Saintway Industry fulfills its corporate social responsibility, like the legendary Saint Nicholas, investing in social mutual assistance and volunteer participation.

The founder, Chairman Zhao Yongshou, said that "the purpose of the company's operation is to create profit, and the responsibility of profit is to enhance the happiness of the people involved in the enterprise." He advocates that implementing public welfare through "action" is a part of the daily operations of the enterprise.

In the past ten years, Saintway Industrial team has responded to urban and rural self-assistance, recycled materials, friendly to the earth, set up the "Good Man Club" Three Gorges service base, and support the Hualien Good Man Club (Homebase) in various social giving back actions.

The successors of the new generation of Saintway Industry have also called on the participation of all walks of life in the industry through social media, and together with like-minded entrepreneurs, they will make unremitting efforts on the road of sustainable enterprise operation and delivery of happiness to the society--Going the Saint Way.



Chairman:Zhao, Yongshou

Capital:TWD 95 million

Total number of employees:100+

Quality system:ISO9001:2015 certification, IECQ QC080000:2018 (RoHS 2.0) certification

Plant area:6,600 square meters (about 2,000 ping)

Words from our chairman

The purpose of the company's operation is to create profit,

The responsibility of making profits is to enhance the happiness of the people involved in the business.

All the working partners of our company feel that the current industrial environment is changing rapidly, the demand for grass-roots labor resources is becoming more and more difficult, and after the internationalization, the business operators are faced with both internal and external impacts. Businesses can’t survive following the conventional labor-intensive operations. Looking around at the prosperity and replacement of traditional industries in neighboring developing countries, the domestic traditional industries have fallen steadily. Our country has always been focusing on small and medium-sized enterprises and showed great achievements before but now, under the fierce competitions, we see the urgency of industry renovation and upgrade. 

For this reason, our company is committed to the planning and implementation of industrial upgrading, such as expanding production capacity and production flexibility, improving technical capabilities and transferring to the telecommunications and optoelectronic industries, and continuing to strengthen product development and customer service capabilities. We must achieve industrial upgrading in the shortest time to enable the company to continue to grow in the fiercely competitive environment, build strong industrial strength, and continue to provide customers with great products and services.


Enterprise History

2022 the rebranding Saintway is launched.
2021 mproved business management strategies and used technology in quality control, production and sales management.
2020 Won the "Excellence Award for Promoting Disability and Disability". Had a face-to-f ace discussion with the vice president to share the second-generation succession experience.

Saintway established a material transfer station to assist Hualien Earthquake relief. Welcomed Miaoli Tai'an Middle School to visit Saintway.


Established CNC machining line. Imported MES system to assist process control, upgraded IT/IS and applied to project management system.


Started to cooperate with "Good People Club" and launched the social welfare giving back action.


Invested in vertically integrated production of paint factory. Completed the merger of Xinzhuang Plant and Sanxia Plant. Based on the Three Gorges Plant, we continue to serve customers.

2012 The Three Gorges Plant was completed. Joined NCT, folding machine, laser processing machine and other operating projects to enrich process capabilities.
2011 Planned expanding the Three Gorges Plant production capacity and service projects.
2010 Received approval by the Ministry of Economic Affairs to assist the traditional industry technology development plan - blood glucose machine test piece vacuum laminating machine development plan.

Passed the comprehensive revision certification of ISO 2008 version.

2008 Saintway entered the Flex Wistron supply chain and exported to the United States and mainland China, and its process capability was affirmed.
2007 Passed IECQ QC080000 certification. Obtained the subsidy from the Industrial Bureau of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and began to introduce the RFID project. Started to invest and set up factories in Vietnam.
2005 ODM design and develop bank cash register and touch screen stand.
2004 ODM mode design and production of set-top boxes, mobile phone components.

Accepted Taiwan Telecom OEM public telephone shell, and expanded the factory with new equipment and secondary processing capacity again in response to production capacity needs.


Produced LCD lamp reflectors, backlights and frames, dedicated to improving the manufacturing capacity of optoelectronic products.

2000 Manufactured UNICAP automotive ABS fins. Designed and developed NB and industrial server components together with Getac Technology and Mitac Corporation, and cooperated in system assembly.
1999 Provided professional OEM for American Airlines HUSS and European Dentsu Company THOMSON.
1998 Professional design and OEM, accepted HITACHI commission to manufacture bank cash register shell.

Committed to the design of computer shells, ODM accepted TATUNG, SYNNEX, Shentong Computer, Guozhong Computer to manufacture and export to countries all over the world.


Committed to OEM professional foundry, accepted PACOM; ASCOM; EPSON commission in manufacturing. Co-developed and produced LPX PC series computer shells with Datong and Xiongfeng companies.


xpanded computer hardware components, increased production scale and purchased industrial equipment, and established the second computer hardware stamping factory at No. 75-35, Qionglin South Road, Xinzhuang City, Taipei County.


Expanded automatic stamping production line.


Jointly developed P.T.C. heating components (ceramic cooling components) with customers and successfully exported to Europe and the United States.


Co-developed IBM286 AT compatible computer with Qiangbang Computer, and the number of employees increased.

1985 Developed and produced bicycle parts of Hanshi Machinery Co., Ltd., and replaced the old equipment with new ones.
1980 Yatai Rui came to Taiwan to set up a factory, and the business expanded and moved to No. 75-18, Qionglin South Road, Xinzhuang City, Taipei County.
1978 Saintway was established by the current chairman, Mr. Zhao Yongshou, with a factory located at No. 21, Lane 8, Longxing Street, Longshou Village, Guishan Township, Taoyuan County.





The best choice for green, happy, sustainable, and intelligent shop in the institutional sector.
Provide sheet metal processing, stamping, laser/NCT, secondary processing, assembly, CNC and other services, with small and diverse, flexible production to help you market to the world.



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