Production And Certification



Product Realization

Every new product that customers hand over to Saintway, we develop it on a project basis.

With 40 years of experience, we are well aware of implementing source management and clear product development procedures.

In fact, it is our key success factor to ensure the success of product realization (Key Success Factors: KSF). In addition to general project management matters, at Saintway, we pay particular attention to the following two meetings:

Mold R&D Meeting

Teamwork of sales, design, mold engineer, quality control and other personnel to ensure that the newly developed mold structure can meet the requirements of easy production, easy maintenance, and meet the requirements of functions, quality and cost required by customers.

Product Communication Meeting

Before the mold development is completed and ready to be handed over to mass production, we communicate and pass information clearly through this meeting, clarify the relevant information that should be prepared during the assessment and development process, and clearly pass on the know-how accumulated during development to the production unit through seminars.


Professional Equipment

Laboratory Equipment

All kinds of precision equipment, from 5 tons to 350 tons


ISO & IECQ QC080000 Certification

International level of quality

Saintway introduced ISO9001 and other quality management systems as the basis for the pursuit of sustainable development.

We commit to require all employees to participate in the promotion of various products and services through training and publicity,

And through communication and encouragement, we work closely with our suppliers to satisfy our customers.

IECQ QC080000 is in response to the global environmental protection regulations on the prohibition and recycling trend of hazardous substances, and IECQ QC080000 is a certification system that complies with the RoHS directive. Therefore, Saintway takes responsibility for the QC080000 system certification activities in June 2006, and promises to provide products that do not contain High-quality products of hazardous substances to customers.

Saintway is one of the first 50 companies that has obtained this certification in Taiwan. Saintway has obtained IECQ QC080000 certification in January 2007. This move is not only to do our best to protect the environment, but also to show customers we feel responsible that Saintway has the ability to provide environmentally friendly processes and products. Let the products produced by Saintway for customers be safely sold to areas with strict regulations and controls on harmful substances.

The implementation of IECQ QC080000 is a process of continuous improvement. In the days to come, Saintway will still uphold the consistent spirit of continuous progress and improvement. It is hoped that because Saintway has IECQ QC080000 certification, customers will have more confidence in the products and services provided by Saintway.

1. Customer first

We comply with customer product requirements and relevant international environmental regulations, and cooperate with Saintway's in-house standards to provide products and services that meet or exceed customer expectations through continuous communication and interaction with customers. At the same time we ensure customer satisfaction.

2. Full participation

We strengthen the education of all employees, consolidate the product quality of employees, continue to implement source management, 5S movement and safety and hygiene activities in the product realization process, and implement the spirit of continuous improvement to improve the quality and performance of operation and management.





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